...because birthdays happen!



Don't count the years - make the years count!

Although aging is not a choice,

many of our choices affect how we age.

This site is designed for all of us who have

reached an age we used to think was meant

for someone else - you know, those older people.

While we cannot stop the aging process,

we can influence the process of aging.

With lifestyle improvements, we can even lessen

some of the impact time has had on us thus

restoring a portion of our younger selves.

This site will provide information on nutrition,

diet and exercise as well as be an interactive

means by which viewers are able to exchange

healthy lifestyle advice, stories, inspiration,

quotes, tips, product recommendations and

anything else that will help us hold on to more

youthful states of mind and body. provides this website to help stimulate interest in nutrition, exercise and other factors that will lead to healthy lifestyle choices and thus help preserve our youth - or at lease help deny some of the effects of aging. This website is not meant to serve as a source of  personal medical advice. As always, consult your personal physician for guidance specific to you as each person's approach to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices should be guided by a medical professional who will consider individual benefits and risks as they relate to personal medical conditions and needs. Links to outside websites are presented throughout as a means for viewers to gather more in-depth information related to a specific topic. Please note, however, that cannot guarantee the accuracy of other websites and accepts no responsibility for their content. These links are not paid for as advertising but nor are they meant to constitute endorsement.

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